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Klass 5 postpaid
For you
100 min.
500 MB
Social media
The convenience of monthly payment
Credit limit for constant communication
Additional details
  • On-net – 0.08 ₼/min.
  • Off-net – 0.08 ₼/min.
  • SMS countrywide – 0.07 ₼
  • SMS international – 0.25 ₼
  • Internet (pay as you go) – 0.10 ₼/MB
  • Check balance – 0 ₼
  • Call to 555 – 0 ₼
International calls
  • Weekdays and on official working days – 0.32 ₼/min.
  • Every day 00:00-08:00, on weekends, and on all official non-working days – 0.24 ₼/min.
  • Charging interval for calls is 60 sec.
  • Charging interval for internet is 100 KB.
  • Charging interval for PAYG internet is 64 KB.
  • The migration fee is 0 ₼. 5 ₼ should be on balance to pay the monthly fee.
  • Free WhatsApp only for texting. Upload/Download of images, audio, video, and other files are charged from your internet balance.
  • All calls to 101, 102, 103, 104, 199, 186, 112, 152, 161 are free. Bonus minutes can’t be used for calls to other short numbers.
  • To activate or migrate to post-paid Klass 5 tariff from existing CIN or pre-paid Klass tariffs, new customers should approach the Customer Care Center or Bakcell-IM office. You will get a number (ordinary) for free with a post-paid Klass 5 tariff plan.
  • Unused minutes and megabytes from the package will be carried over to the following month as long as the monthly subscription fee for the tariff is paid on time. If there are sufficient funds in the balance, the tariff will be automatically renewed on the relevant day at 00:00.
  • In the next month, the remaining part of the previous month’s package (minutes, megabytes) will be used first. This operation is proceeded during 2 months. Starting from the 3rd month, the remaining package will be deleted.
  • If the package for the new month is also not consumed, the package from the previous month will be deleted, but the bonuses (minutes, megabytes) remaining from the current month will be added to the next month’s package.
Monthly payment
Scan the QR code and activate by app!
Scan the QR code and activate by app!

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iconKlass postpaid
Klass 5 postpaid
  • /media/uploads/icons/Property_1phone_hMv2RGM.svg
    Countrywide100 min.
  • /media/uploads/icons/Property_1internet_zYs0n2e.svg
    Internet500 MB
  • /media/uploads/icons/Property_1social_media_Jb9NT5L.svg
    Social mediaFREE
    Social media
| month
Klass 10 postpaid
  • /media/uploads/icons/Property_1phone_7cVc0KB.svg
    Countrywide350 min.
  • /media/uploads/icons/Property_1internet_Pdgz0Dx.svg
    Internet2 GB
  • /media/uploads/icons/Property_1social_media_AVeDJSK.svg
    Social mediaFREE
    Social media
Klass 15 postpaid
  • /media/uploads/icons/Property_1phone_iN7lXQv.svg
    Countrywide500 min.
  • /media/uploads/icons/Property_1internet_PTphd1g.svg
    Internet5 GB
  • /media/uploads/icons/Property_1social_media_AzjoTVS.svg
    Social mediaFREE
    Social media


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