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    QR code

    What is a QR code?

    QR-code (quick response) – is a two-dimensional bar code. This bar code encrypts different information, consisting of symbols (numerals and special symbols). One QR code can contain 7089 digits or 4296 characters.

    What are the QR codes used for?

    QR codes may be seen on websites, advertising products, goods, business cards etc. Large capacity of marking allows encoding not only the information about the date and place of manufacture, but other information as well, including recommendations on how to use the product or manufacturer’s details for feedback.

    How to read QR codes?

    In order to read information encrypted into the QR code, some special applications for mobile telephones and smartphones were created and allow the recognition of QR code by means of a camera.

    After reading the information, the mobile device will act in a certain way, depending on the content encrypted into the QR code:

    - if QR code consists website address – the site will be opened in browser;

    - if QR code consists electronic business card – new contact will be added to the contact list;

    - if QR code consists regular text (for instance – product information) – the text will be displayed on the screen.