Bakcell Wi-Fi

Now you can have the fastest mobile internet at home for all your devices without digging trenches, installing cables, perforating doors or windows!

With Bakcell high-speed Wi-Fi Internet, you can transform your house into wireless connectivity via Bakcell Wi-Fi modem. It supports simultaneously 32 various devices such as smartphones, tablets, TV, desktops, laptops and any personal or home device with wireless Internet connectivity feature can be connected to this super-modem. Forget about low-speed ADSL Internet with Bakcell’s new service! Our wireless Internet works only with 4G speed!

Internet activation

  • Customers need to pay 99 AZN for modem to Bakcell Sales agent;
  • FREE special Data SIM card is provided;
  • Customers need to choose one of Bakcell Wi-Fi packages below.
Package nameVolumeSpeedPeriodPrice
Bakcell Wi-Fi 1 20 GB 4G 30 days 20 AZN
Bakcell Wi-Fi 2 50 GB 4G 30 days 40 AZN
Extra package

5 GB

4G 30 days 8 AZN

All prices VAT inclusive.


  • Bakcell Wi-Fi service is available wherever Bakcell has 4G LTE network.
  • Based on technical measures of device and loaded network, Internet speed can reach 150 mbps.
  • Special Data SIM card can be used for Internet only.
  • Bakcell Wi-Fi modem will be customer’s property after full payment. Two types of full payment are available: 99 AZN for modem + 20 AZN for Bakcell Wi-Fi 1 package, totally 119 AZN; 99 AZN for modem + 40 AZN for Bakcell Wi-Fi 2 package, totally 139 AZN.
  • Extra package may be purchased, when you have main package.
  • When you change your already subscribed / active package and you wish to subscribe the same package again or subscribe to another one, remaining traffic volume of current package will be deleted.


* Bakcell is acknowledged as “Azerbaijan’s Fastest Mobile Network”. Based on analysis by Ookla® of Speedtest Intelligence® data for January-June 2022. Ookla® trademarks used under license and reprinted with permission.